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Take care of your people. Our claims analysis, medical bill review, and negotiation services deliver savings for plan sponsors and participants resulting in reduced financial burden for both. 

Benefits of Business Services

  • Improved participant experience through our education, resources, and tools 
  • Reduced strain on HR resources 
  • Sustained participant engagement
  • Alignment between plan sponsors, providers, and participants
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Simplify your healthcare expenses. We help you understand and manage your medical bills. Our complimentary review identifies savings opportunities on more than 80% of bills we receive. 

Benefits of Patient Services

  • Reduce your healthcare expenses
  • Efficiently navigate the complexity of healthcare billing
  • Successfully negotiate medical bills in partnership with our team of expert advocates
  • Rest assured that Copatient will ensure the price you pay is fair and accurate for the care you received
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Copatient Bill Review and Negotiation

Our Copatient Pro service is bill review and negotiation by our expert billing advocates.  We ensure you pay a fair and accurate fee for the care received. 


Our review and negotiation service is also used by employers and health plans. 

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Copatient Out-of-Network Claims Analysis

Copatient Total Network is a comprehensive out-of-network claims management solution.  We help reduce costs for all parties when care is received outside of a provider network.

Ensuring a fair and accurate fee for care aligns the interests of the individual, the plan sponsor, and the provider.

Copatient Total Network is used by health plans and employers, as well as by brokers, consultants and TPAs.

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Upload Your Bills

Create an account with Copatient, then securely send us your unpaid medical bills.


See Your Savings

We then share a custom savings assessment that clarifies what you owe and estimates how much we can save you.


Negotiations Begin

Opt-in to our service and our experts will negotiate on your behalf.


Save Money

Receive valuable cost savings from Copatient's service.

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