About Our Advocates

The Copatient advocate network provides a personalized medical bill review and negotiation experience to ease the emotional and financial burden associated with managing your healthcare expenses. A dedicated expert is matched to each case, guiding you at every step. We have the decades of experience and to deliver effective bill reduction in our complex healthcare industry.

Advocate Network Specialties

• Acute care

• Disease management

• Estate attorney

• Workman’s compensation

• Medicare cases

• Medicaid eligibility

• Presumptive Medicaid


• Reimbursement

• Deductibles

• Insurance denials

Selfpay Patients

Advocate Network Expertise

• Medical coding

• Medical billing

• Compliance

• Nurses

• Plan configuration

• Health plan

• Hospital administration

• EMR implementation and management

• Physician revenue management

“I see myself as the force that brings two opposite parties to middle grounds, to reach mutual understanding and a fair agreement.”  
Advocate, Martine B.
“I can relate to a lot of the people I help. No one should have to stress about medical bills, there are so many other things that require our attention.”