A Grown Up Snow Day

Posted by Copatient on Jan 26, 2015

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With Juno quickly approaching, all of New England is in utter pandemonium. Emergency trips to the grocery store, stocking up on shovels and gloves, it's a mad house. So while you do the dirty work, we took the liberty of creating a list of fun things all you Bostonians can do during tomorrow's snow day! You can thank us later.

Braving the cold?

  • Snowballs: Rumor has it that Boston University students are attempting to break the world record for the biggest snowball fight. Join in tomorrow afternoon on the Esplanade (right at Silber Way Bridge). Get more info here:
  • Sledding: Hit the slopes, city style! The most popular hills are always the Boston Common and the Arboretum, but we are partial to Hyde Park, Marine Park, Sugar Bowl at Jamaica Pond and Sheepfold Meadow in Middlesex Fells (*tip- dogs can roam leash-free here!). No time to run to the store for sleds? Grab a cookie sheet, boogie board or sleeping bag! Just get out there!
  • Paint The Town: Pour some food coloring and warm water into a bottle and let the world be your canvas! Use the Snow Paint to create a game (tic tac toe, anyone?).

When you're ready to head inside & defrost-

  • Bake: Snow days mean everything warm and yummy, which always means Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookies. We love Ali's recipe from Gimme Some Oven, shown here.
  • Build A Fort: The snow is pretty and all, but why not hide from the world? Grab your favorite person/people and snuggle up in a blanket fort. You can build it anyway you want, but we are huge fans of this broken hearted man's high-tech one.
  • Netflix: While you are cuddled up under your fancy new blanket fort, break out the laptop and catch up on your favorite Netflix shows. Personally, we will be binge watching House of Cards (Season 3 premieres on February 27- catch the trailer here)

Annnnnd our best idea yet:

  • Weather Channel Drinking Game: What's better than catching up on Juno's latest damages and drinking? We created this beautiful drinking game. Be careful out there and let us know how it goes!Snow Day Drinking Game

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