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How it Works

Our experts review unpaid medical bills to ensure you pay a fair and accurate price for care received.  If savings opportunities are identified, you can opt-in to have a Copatient advocate negotiate directly with your provider or health plan, saving you time and money. We work to reduce the complexity and frustration that often accompany healthcare expense management at no risk to you. Bill review and savings assessment are free of charge. The fee for successful negotiation is 35% of the total savings achieved. If we don't save you money, you don't owe us anything.

Upload Your Bills

After creating an account with Copatient, send us your unpaid medical bills.

See Your Savings

You’ll receive a custom savings assessment.

Negotiations Begin

Opt-in to our service and our experts will negotiate on your behalf.

Save Money

Receive valuable cost savings from Copatient's service.

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If you believe you already have coverage from Copatient as part of your benefits package, contact either your HR representative or your health plan provider to confirm.


Finance Partners

We have partnered with several companies who offer financing options to help you reduce the stress associated with paying your medical bills.

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Real Stories

We have helped thousands of people reduce their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. 

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