How it Works

Copatient works with you to reduce your healthcare expenses through medical bill review and negotiation. We simplify complex medical bills to make it easier for you to understand and manage them. We identify savings opportunities on more than 80% of the medical bills reviewed. 

Submit your unpaid medical bills to receive a complementary review and savings assessment. If you then choose to use our negotiation service, the fee is 35% of the total savings achieved. If we don't reduce your bill, you don't owe us anything. 

1 Upload Your Bills

After creating an account with Copatient, send us your unpaid medical bills and associated documents. You can easily upload them via our secure website or mobile application, fax them, or mail them. 


2 See Your Savings

You’ll then receive a custom savings assessment that clarifies what you owe and estimates how much we can save you.


3 Negotiations Begin

Opt-in to our service and our expert advocates will negotiate on your behalf.


4 Save Money

Receive valuable cost savings from Copatient's service.

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