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The 3 Hour, $3,565 Emergency Room Visit

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Posted by Copatient on Jan 08, 2016

Saved: $1,604.46

After a short visit to the ER, Darby was hit with a major bill. He tried fighting back, but he couldn’t seem to lower his medical costs on his own.


Darby wasn’t feeling like himself. He felt lightheaded and was experiencing chest pain. His arms were sand bags he couldn’t seem to lift up or down. After hours of hoping his lethargy would pass, he decided it was time for a trip to the emergency room.

He was admitted for further examination. Darby received an IV drip to replenish his fluids as well as several blood tests to rule out underlying conditions. After just a few hours, Darby went home, thankful that the episode had passed.

Just a few weeks later the medical bills started to arrive, one after the other. Darby’s insurance expected him to cough up a total of $3,565 dollars for just a few hours of medical care.

There must be some mistake, Darby thought, I don’t remember receiving half of this treatment while I was in the ER. Could the hospital have made a mistake when they wrote up my medical bill? He began calling his healthcare providers and the insurance company, hoping to find some answers.

After weeks of frustration, calling almost daily to attempt to speak to just one human amid the matrix of answering services, Darby was losing patience. Why was it so hard for a patient to get answers about their medical care? Shouldn’t these EOBs be easier to understand?
CoPatient Takes the Case

Watching the news one day, Darby heard a story about a woman in a situation similar to his. After dealing with a traumatic illness, her medical bills felt insurmountable. The woman turned to a company called CoPatient to help translate and negotiate her medical bills.

The news story went on to explain that CoPatient was comprised of medical billing experts that could help negotiate down the cost of medical treatment. They also offered financing for the balance that could be due after negotiations.

Enough was enough. Darby was getting nowhere with his daily calls to his insurance carrier. Darby decided that it was time for him to call CoPatient, too.

After opening a case, CoPatient medical billing expert took over. Darby was assigned an advocate, who did the negotiating on his behalf. Just a few weeks later, his bills were down to a manageable cost.


Results of Working with CoPatient

All said and done, Darby saved $1,604.46 by turning to CoPatient. When he was recently asked about his experience, he told us he couldn’t believe how easy it was to work with the medical billing experts.

What took Darby weeks of daily phone calls only took his caseworker at CoPatient only a few days to resolve. While this can sometimes take much longer, he was thankful for the speedy turn around. He can’t believe how much time, energy and money CoPatient was able to save him so quickly.

If you’ve received a medical bill you feel is unwarranted, too costly, or incongruent with your insurance coverage, contact CoPatient to open a case today. We’ll show you an estimate of your savings before you even decide if you’d like to work with us. It’s that easy to save with us.

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